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​​Located less than an hour North of Lisbon, on the Silver Coast area of Portugal that offers some of the country’s most impressive and peaceful beaches, historical sites and some of Europe’s most amazing Golf Courses.
Within 5 minutes walk to the Obidos Lagoon and 10 minutes walk to the Atlantic Ocean, Casa Marcelo makes the perfect relaxing holiday place. Obidos is ideal for visitors who are seeking a calm and authentic Portuguese experience, far removed from the hecticness of Algarve or the larger coastal resorts. The town has an infectious relaxed and peaceful ambiance, where long evenings are spent in the family-run restaurants eating traditional home cooked food.

Casa Marcelo was first built in the 70`s, however it was rebuilt in 2016. While it has a very modern look, the owners managed to adapt the retro looking with the new and modern style. Casa Marcelo is decorated in an incredible and beautiful minimalist approach with stunning surroundings.

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Silver Coast…

Stretching from Lisbon to Fiqueira da Foz, Portugal’s Costa de Prata (Silver Coast) is a gem of largely undiscovered beauty and gets its name from the effect of the sun on the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Here you can discover pretty villages and a real Portuguese way-of-life amongst stunning coastal scenery fringed with the best beaches in Europe. Because much of this area of Portugal remains undiscovered by the mass tourism market you can guarantee a beach to yourself even in the height of the season.

Obidos Lagoon (Lagoa de Obidos)…

Is a beatify beach and saltwater bay close to the pretty walled city of Obidos. The beach is a popular tourist destination as it offers both calm bathing waters and at the mouth of the bay a more exciting surfing swell. Lagoa de Obidos is the largest saltwater lagoon in Portugal with the lakes and waterways extending inland for 6 kilometres. The calm inland waters provide a sheltered environment for a variety of wildlife which can be viewed from one of the scenic walks. The best beaches of the region are at the mouth of the Lagoa de Obidos.
Obidos Lagoon offers a safe location for beginner wind and kite surfers while the ocean facing side provides powerful swell for surfing and body boarding. Lagoa de Obidos is a beautiful area that is slightly off the common tourist trail. The area offers stunning scenery combined with a very traditional and hospitable Portuguese atmosphere.

Golf enthusiasts will no doubt know, that this beautiful lagoon is also centre placed within the newly formed ‘Golden Triangle’, comprising three newly constructed five-star golf resorts. Close to the Obidos Lagoon, is the established and quite superb Praia D’el Rey Championship Golf Course, Royal Obidos and Bom Sucesso golf resort – each just 5 minutes drive from Casa Marcelo.


Considered to be one of the jewels of Portugal’s national heritage, Óbidos was once the favourite retreat of King Sancho I and was a wedding gift from King Diniz to Queen Isabel. Its unspoilt beauty is retained in its narrow cobbled streets and elegant whitewashed buildings with balconies brimming with flowers. Óbidos has dozens of restaurants, bars and cafes as well as open air opera in the old town square, music festivals, the world renowned medieval fete and the chocolate festival. The fine and traditional Obidos liqueur known as Ginja which is drunk from a tiny chocolate cup! Heaven!

Caldas da Rainha…

Every day Caldas da Rainha has a lively bustling market in the town square. Return to the old world of the freshest local and regional produce including vegetables, fruit, nuts, cheese, chickens, flowers, sausages and fresh-baked cakes. The cobbled side streets are excellent for clothes shopping with branches of well-known retailers. There are dozens of shoe, sports, lingerie, kids, casual and perfume shops and an excellent cinema with new-release films in english shown at the same time as the UK.  Just 20 minutes from our villa.

São Martinho do Porto & Salir do Porto…

Sitting in its shell-shaped bay the beachfront of the old town of São Martinho do Porto has been recently renovated with new cobbled pedestrian areas and upmarket shops, bars and cafes. Just around the other side of the bay São Martinho is a lively seaside resort with yellow sands which are cleaned daily, beach bars, cafes, restaurants, beachwear & beach gear shops and an equally lively nightlife. Old Portuguese buildings and new modern apartments all look onto a beautiful bay with boats on the water in this natural harbour. Salir do Porto sits on the south side of the bay and is much quieter with fantastic views of the bay and within walking distance to São Martinho . 25 mins northwest of our villa.


A typical fishing town, Nazaré is nowadays a busy summer resort, where side by side with the crowds of tourists, one still sees all over the streets of the town the fish-sellers, and the carapaus (horse mackerel) and octopus  laid out to dry on the sun. Restaurants with food to die for.
The Sítio district, at the town’s highest point (accessible by a funicular), is without doubt the best viewpoint in the area.
In November 2011, surfer Garrett McNamara, surfed a record-breaking giant wave: 78 feet (23.8 m) from trough to crest, at Nazaré. On 28 January 2013, McNamara returned to the spot and successfully surfed a wave that appeared even larger, but is awaiting an official measurement. Then, on October 28, 2013, Carlos Burle surfed another wave that is currently being scrutinised as possibly the largest wave ever ridden.


A lively old-style fishing town with fishing boats leaving the harbour every evening and returning to port during the early morning with their catches of seafood and fresh fish. The catches are on sale that day in the big covered market in the centre of town and in the many fish restaurants throughout the town. With excellent waters and beaches around Peniche this is surf-city with annual surfing championships held here. 20 mins southwest of our villa.


Lourinhã is in a very attractive area within easy reach of our villa, with wonderful beaches. For some time this area has specialised in the production of grape brandy known as “Aguardente” that are only sold after being kept 2 years in oak casks. The town of Lourinha itself has small individual shops reminding us of the days before impersonal concrete shopping malls.
Now you can also visit the Fantastic World of Dinosaurs (Dino Parque) that is a theme park dedicated to dinosaurs, and is the largest outdoor museum in Portugal and is one of the best attractions near Lisbon – Portugal. At this dinosaur exhibition in Lourinhã, visitors can see more than 120 scientifically proven life-size models dinosaur species, walk with dinossaurs in one of our pathways that are split into the 4 most important periods in the history of the Earth and the evolution of life.

Cadaval & Bombarral…

In fantastic agricultural countryside the Concelho of Cadaval is home to vineyards producing many good quality wines of the Tejo Valley and is famed for the delicious pears known as “Pêra Rocha” and sweet sponge cakes called Pão-de-Ló. With the majestic backdrop of the Montejunto mountain known as the ‘Varanda da Estremadura’ this is truly beautiful Portuguese countryside. Only 25 minutes from Casa Marcelo.


Fatima has been one of the biggest Catholic shrines in the world since 1937, when it is believed the Virgin Mary appeared to three shepherd children as they were tending their family’s sheep.
There are visits to Fatima throughout the year, but it is on May 13th and October that it receives the most pilgrims from all over the world, many of them making their way to the basilica on their knees. The vast neoclassical basilica was built in 1953 in recognition of the importance of the site to pilgrims, with a 65m (213 ft) tower and contains the tombs of the three children. It is located in a square twice the size of St. Peter’s Square in Rome, capable of holding a million people.

Places to

Eat & Drink

BICA DA LAGOA Our local coffee shop serving light snacks, ice creams etc A 10 minute walk Tel: 00 (351) 918 088 299

RIO CORTICO LAGOA A fish restaurant at the top of the wooden stairs, a 10 minute walk. Tel: 00 (351) 912 019 525

COVAO DOS MUSARANHOS Restaurant/Cafe, lovely setting overlooking the Lagoon, 5 Minute Drive.

NOVA CASA DA RAMIRO A great night out, beautiful setting, good food, just outside the castle walls, opposite the hotel, Hotel Real de Obidos, 15 minute drive Tel: 00 (351) 961382447

TASCA DO JOEL Highly recommended, historical restaurant/tavern on outskirts of Peniche, best to book ahead, 30 minute drive Tel: 00 (351) 262 075 405 GPS Longitude 9.393068 ,Latitude 39.357010

MAE D’AGUA Very good restaurant located close to Bombarral, best to book ahead, close to the Buddha gardens (a great place to walk off your lunch) 25 minute drive Tel: 00 (351) 262 605 408 GPS N 39º 16′ 15.31” E 9º 8′ 51.75”

What makes it so good?

Our region

What makes it so good?

We’ve come up with 10 reasons why 

1. It’s a hidden treasure – relatively undiscovered, the  silver coast is an authentic destination, delivering not just great beaches but a superb mix of culture, cuisine, activities and days out.

2. Home to some of Europe’s finest, most natural beaches – the 150 km stretch of Silver Coast from Cascais to Nazare alone provides nearly 40 recognised beaches, all offering clean blue waters, wild sand dunes and Atlantic surf (plus a few that provide shelter for younger children!). Often you’ll feel as though you’re discovering something new.

3. ….it’s not just a place to relax, though – the activites on offer here are enough to satisfy even the most demanding sports enthusiast or restless teenager – diving; surfing; kayaking; windsurfing; go-carting; climbing; mountain-biking – need we go on?

4. The cuisine is some of the finest in Europe – food is part of the culture here, and treating yourself to a night out will do a lot less damage to your wallet than in Spain, France or Italy.  Think fresh seafood, suckling pig and mouth-watering cakes – the custard tarts are to die for! – washed down with Portugal’s world-renowned port or madeira. You’ll be amazed, also, by the quality of wines available – Portuguese wines are almost unheard of in Europe.

5. It won’t break the bank.  Not only are the villas and houses good value in themselves, they also provide exceptional levels of service, with regular maid and laundry services offered as standard in many properties.

6. … of the warmth of its welcome. Not for the Portuguese the curmudgeonly service you have to endure in much of Southern Europe – you will be welcomed with a smile everywhere you go, and the staff at the residences will go out of their way to make your stay a happy one. English and French is widely-spoken too.

7. The area is rich in culture – take an evening stroll around Obidos, a delightful fortified hill-top village of white-washed walls and terracotta roofs, enclosed by 14th century walls, or visit the eccentric palace of Sintra, whose beautiful, elevated position and woodland setting made it a favorite summer retreat for Portuguese royalty.

8. Its climate.  The west coast offers sunny, dry summers – hot enough to top up your tan, but without the worry of the fierce suffocating heat, a particular benefit to families with young children.

9. You can lose yourself exploring the elegant, narrow streets of delightful towns and villages such as Obidos and Tomar – a real escape!

10. There are a whole host of diverse cultural and sporting festivals and events taking place throughout the year – have a look at the events page!